When I was sixteen years old, I gave birth to a son with only one leg. He was my first of five children. I was scared. I was overwhelmed.

As life went on, I faced tremendous difficulties and obstacles that seemed almost impossible to overcome. Even though I always tried to remain positive and hopeful, I felt like I was drowning with no other option but to accept the life that I was living. However, even when things were at their worst, I knew with everything in me that I possessed the courage to fight my way out and dreaming about a better life was no longer good enough. It was then that actively pursuing my dreams and goals became a priority.

Through determination and courage, there is now a persistent expectation to live a happy and successful life. Now, when confronting life’s difficulties, I choose to focus on the advice I have repeatedly given to others, which is to remain genuine and never give up. My desire to share my experiences, help others succeed in life and reach their goals, fulfills me tremendously. With steadfast confidence in my future, I strive to encourage and inspire others on their journey through life.


Judy lives in Tempe, AZ and is the mother of five children: Anthony, Nicolas, Joshua, Ronnie and Andrew. Over the past few years, she has shared her personal story of growth, to motivate and inspire others to pursue their dreams and not allow difficulties to hold them back. Currently, she is writing an inspirational book on the challenges she has faced and the lessons that life has taught her in the process.  She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication at Arizona State University and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Higher and Postsecondary Education.

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Single mother of five graduates college, leads by example

Single mother of five graduates college, leads by example

Tempe, AZ (KTVK) — A Valley woman has a lot to celebrate this graduation season as she fulfills a years-long goal and inspires others with her achievement. Judith Robles, a hardworking single mother of five, is already an inspiration. The 43-year-old is the director of the Hispanic Mother-Daughter Program at Arizona State University’s Student Services […]
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Education a family affair for Robles clan

Robles is the mother of NCAA wrestling champion, best-selling author, pitchman and motivational speaker Anthony Robles. She said that she came to the realization that education was the only way for her eldest son, who was born in 1988 missing his right leg, to become self-sufficient.
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