For the Love of Wrestling

“I was never really insane except upon occasions when my heart was touched.”  Edgar Allen Poe

Day 30

Sitting in a gym with my eyes fixed on my son as he paces back and forth alongside the mat, I have always found it hard to breathe. No matter how many times I have watched my boys wrestle, no matter how many countless hours I have spent sitting on uncomfortable bleachers, it has never gotten any easier for me. But at least now I am able to sit; years ago I could only stand off to the side as I watched the match. When I was finally able to manage sitting, I would nervously begin rocking back and forth as the time approached for one of my sons to step on the mat. I still rock back and forth but I’ve managed to control it, somewhat anyway.

If you have been with me at a wresting match and if one of my sons is up to wrestle, you know not to talk to me. No, I’m not going to answer you and no, I’m not listening to you, because nothing else matters to me in those short moments. For those three periods, if it lasts that long, I am intently focused on my precious son and my heart is pounding in my chest as I watch him with pride, no matter what the outcome. Every so often I glance at the clock to see how slowly time is passing, because each second seems to be eternal.  Most times I have gone to matches alone, but when my other kids are there with me, it has been really, really hard to keep my mouth shut and not react. I have tried to sit silently, but sometimes a ref will make a ridiculous call and then of course, I will begin to loudly complain. In the past, a parent or high school student would say a stupid comment or remark, and there was no way I was going to let them get away with it.

Over ten years ago when my oldest son began to wrestle, I had no idea how much this sport would come to mean to me. The memories I have from wrestling are irreplaceable and they are ones that I will eternally cherish. In the same way, many of the friendships that my sons and I have made are relationships that we will have forever. There is also a passion and fierceness wrestlers possess both on and off the mat that I admire and see in each one of my boys.

Watching from the stands as my sons wrestled seems like such a small sacrifice compared to the training, preparation and intensity they all have put themselves through for each and every match. But, I hope that my presence helped them even a little bit, knowing that regardless of if they won or lost, they had me, the one person in the crowd that loves them and is proud of them, no matter what happens.


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    A mother’s love ………. unmatched. <– See what I did there?

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