Slow Down

Beware of the bareness of a busy life. Socrates

Slow down. I keep hearing that phrase. Over the last few years, I have felt a need to hurry up and catch up with the life I feel I should already be living. I have a full time job, I am a student and mom which keeps me immensely busy every day. Truth is, I like to have a lot going on, in fact I need to have a lot going on because it keeps me sane.   At times when I have been going through emotional heartache, my busyness has effectively distracted me and kept my focus off my problems, because it is really hard to reflect on my emotions when at the end of the day I don’t have any energy left. However, I am beginning to realize that by not addressing those issues, I am not helping myself, I am just suppressing the pain.

One day I hope to fully heal so I am going to make an active effort to not use my busy schedule as a reason to escape from my emotions.  I truly believe that allowing myself to process the negative and painful issues in my life, it will help me to not only get past them, but I will also learn from them. Right now, I am learning how to be present and enjoy my friends, family or whatever is going on in front of me. So, as I slow down over the coming summer months and plan time with friends, family and do some traveling to take some much needed “me” time, I will recharge, reflect and remember to appreciate all that is ahead of me.

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