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Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.- Samuel Johnson

Ah, London. Judy is spot on with this one. London is an extremely packed and in many ways overpopulated metropolis. It is constantly on the move and can devour you without looking. However, it is still overflowing with such a friendly, loving, and irresistible charm. While walking through London, you will hear countless different accents and dialects, and you will feel rushed by the overwhelming amount of people. But then you will randomly encounter a pub, or a statue, or a garden, and you will fall in love. Not the love you feel for your lame college boyfriend/girlfriend, but the love you felt for your true love. London casts a spell on you whether you like it or not. London’s design is equal parts tradition, business, and beauty. London has some of the most photographed landmarks, and they will all look familiar to you, but upon seeing them in person you will become temporarily numb. Judy keeps telling me to write longer portions of my blog… but I can’t… I gotta go look up plan tickets for my next flight to the UK.

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