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Judy is stubborn. She likes what she likes and she wants what she wants. it can be challenging being in her life because her stubbornness doesn’t always give way to compromise. However, this is a positive and strong trait, because it is the exact opposite of how most of us act and behave on a daily basis. Too often, we are all worried about being PC, and it causes us to stay increasingly ambivalent to many topics. We stay on the fence and we do not take strong stances in an effort to pacify all that surround us.
Additionally, we act neutral because we do not want to scare someone away. We fear that someone might figure out the “real us”, and we worry that they wont like this part of us. Our idiosyncrasies make us unique, yet often times we are afraid to show them, because we feel we might turn a potential relationship away. Judy is proud of who she is, and if you don’t like her weirdness, then you are smart, she could not care less. We all struggle with just how much of our weird/unique traits that we want to show. I know that I struggled when I was younger, and would be afraid to reveal too much too soon because I was insecure. Now, I carry each one of my unique characteristics like a badge of honor. I am not like most people, and there is no way in hell I want to be like most people anyway. Keep the shoes Judy, no one will care… but Cheerios for dinner??? Maybe I was wrong, she isn’t stubborn, just really weird. 🙂

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  • Elisa

    Hey! I eat honey nut cheerios for dinner (with toast and jam), whenever I can! 🙂

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